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Tomáš Kaštil

Tomáš Kaštil

Member of the Management Board

He supervises the operations of the Company’s foreign subsidiaries.

Graduate of University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic, where he studied international trade, international relations and diplomacy. He also graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague.

Tomáš Kaštil joined the InterCars Group in 2004, when he started to manage Inter Cars operations in the Czech Republic as country manager. In 2005−2008, he was country manager at the Group subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2008−2016, Mr Kaštil supervised trade and operations of the Company’s subsidiaries in the southern cluster, comprising the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Between 2013 and the moment of his appointment as Management Board member, Mr Kaštil served as the Company’s commercial proxy. At present, he continues as a Management Board member at the Company’s subsidiaries: Inter Cars Česká republika s.r.o. of Prague, the Czech Republic, and Inter Cars Slovenská republika s.r.o. of Bratislava, Slovakia.

In 2000−2004, Mr Kaštil was employed at the Czech branch of Elit, an automotive parts distributor, where he held different positions, including Deputy Sales Director and Deputy Product Management Director.

Since 2013, Mr Kaštil has been engaged in a social initiative called Island of Hope, supporting the local community of Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya.