Romania with the Cup of the President of Inter Cars

The team from Romania again won in the International Football Cup of the President of Inter Cars. For the first time the whole tournament had live broadcast on website and on Inter Cars Facebook.

On 7th May 2017, at the football pitch of OSiR in Warsaw, Bemowo district, 14 teams taking part in the finale of the International Football Cup of President of Inter Cars met to hold their matches. Among them, there were representatives of foreign branches of Inter Cars: Croatia, Italy, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, and also teams from Poland: Inter Cars Radom, Inter Cars Piekary Śląskie and Inter Cars Sosnowiec branches, and also Mann Humel Sp. z o.o., Glob Cars, ILS Sp. z o.o., J&M Logistics and Mahle Polska Sp. z o.o. The Inter Cars International Football Cup was held for the sixth time.

Football rivalry

The sporting competition started at 9:00 and lasted till 16:00. The final stage of the tournament had a group phase at the beginning. There were 5 teams in each of three groups. Every team had to confront every other team in the group. As a result 8 teams were promoted to the quarter-final. After a fierce rivalry the semi-final was played by: Inter Cars Romania vs Inter Cars Croatia (2:2, penalty shots 1:2) and Inter Cars Sosnowiec Branch vs Glob Cars (0:0, penalty shots 2:3).

In the so called „small finale” Sosnowiec defeated Croatia 5:3. The match for the first place was Romania vs Glob Cars. Though the former, as the winners of previous year’s competition, were put as the front-runners, the latter was really a serious opponent. Finally Romania won the match 5:2 and they were the ones who reached for the Inter Cars Football Cup. Robert Kierzek handed in the prize.

- The level of skills of all the players is higher year by year. All the teams did a great job preparing for this contest, just like the organizers. The whole event was prepared very professionally and I am glad that we had a chance to take part in it - said Gabriel Pop from Inter Cars Romania, adding - It is very hard to point at one team which was the strongest opponent for us. All the teams had really impressive skills. For sure we will remember the players from Croatia, which we met in the semi-final.

Personal awards

During the award ceremony there were also cups for some individual players. The title of the best player went to Pascu Dorian Marius from Romania. The top scorer title went to Dima Andrei Ionut, also from Romania, who scored 11 goals. The title of the best keeper went to Croatia, to Matej Barić.


Inter Cars Croatia – Inter Cars Romania 2:2 (penalty 1:2)
Inter Cars Sosnowiec Branch - Glob Cars 0:0 (penalty 2:3)
Third place match
Inter Cars Sosnowiec Branch – Inter Cars Croatia 5:3
Match for the first place - FINALE
Inter Cars Romania - Glob Cars 5:2